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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Seafood City #13
2700 Colorado Blvd

Wow, I just went through some of my old "drafts". This is one of those posts that was sitting in draft mode from last year!

On September 25, 2006 Seafood City officially opened in the Eagle Rock Plaza Mall - sandwiched between Target and Macy's!! With already a Jolibee and Goldilocks in the mall, and now a Chow King, Filipino chains are taking over that mall. "This is the first time that an Asian supermarket—not just Filipino—has opened inside an American shopping center, alongside such retail giants as Target and Macy’s," according to the The Manila Times.

This is a BIG store and is like the Filipino equivalent of the Chinese 99 Ranch Market or the Japanese Marukai. The music in the market is in tagalog! On my first visit, my head was spinning - it was overwhelming.

Just as the name would suggest, this place has tons of different seafood - all laid out on ice. They'll even fry up a whole fish for you.

They have aisles full of dried noodles, canned fruit, and fish sauce. They have a huge frozen section with large selection of lumpia, tropical fruits, and ice cream desserts. I picked up some ube (purple taro root) popsicles myself.

I posted about ARKO Foods previously. Seafood City is going to be some serious competition. But alas, Seafood City doesn't have any "point point" joint in the market. So ARKO, keep making your food!

BTW: Right outside of Seafood City, it felt like being in a mall in the Philippines. They have a kiosk for Karaoke where you can fulfill your desire to be the next American Idol, and belt out a tune right there in front of all the shoppers!

Seafood City
2700 Colorado Blvd.
In the Eagle Rock Plaza Mall
8am - 9pm daily

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