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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blue Dot Acai and Yogurt Parfait
Slightly Off Colorado

I've never been to Brazil. Always wanted to go. According to Mike, one of the founders of this new Blue Dot operation, he's been to Brazil and got hooked on the Acai smoothies. Coming back to the US, he couldn't really find the good stuff. So he set out to bring Acai to Eagle Rock.

This joint went through about one and half years of work to finally open. I passed by the work in progress many times and I had my doubts as to whether it would open or not. Kudos to Blue Dot for hanging in there.

acai bowl from blue dot acai and yogurt parfaitSo now that they are open, I do my Eagle Rock duty to try to support local businesses. And now, I'm a convert to Acai. The Acai bowls are more of a meal than a quick snack. The pic here is of the Original Acai bowl (partially eaten - sorry couldn't wait to dig into it before the photo op) - with acai, granola, bananas and drizzle of honey. They have two more versions as well. Lately, I've been getting into the Acai Triple Antioxident with blueberries, kiwi, raspberries and shaved coconut.

Ask them about Acai and they will launch into the health benefits of this berry.

They do have the Froyo yogurt parfaits with your usual toppings. I've had this too and it's good. So, if anyone visits me with a craving for Pinkberry, I'd just stay local.

The place is a work in progress. They're throwing artwork on the walls. Very minimal. Some seating but no tables. I see people just eating in their cars. I would suggest a few tables.

Blue Dot Acai and Yogurt Parfait
10am - 10pm
5110 Townsend Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90041

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